What is ADAS?

The Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) uses image processing cameras, radar, light detection and ranging, and other sensors to monitor vehicle surroundings and detect potentially dangerous situations. The purpose is to increase safety through advanced situational awareness and reduce collision possibilities. Sensors used in ADAS include cameras, radars, lasers, and ultrasound. They can detect light, heat, pressure, and other variables used to monitor the state of a vehicle. Usually, they are in the front and rear bumpers, side mirrors, vehicle cab, and wind shield glasses.

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The Systems of ADAS

Any time work is carried out on or in the vicinity of an ADAS component, including front windscreens with a camera for lane departure, a calibration is required. This is to reset the parameters of the component to the manufacturer’s specification.

What is Adaptive Cruise Control?

What is Adaptive Cruise Control? Adaptive cruise control is a cruise control system that automatically regulates the vehicle speed using braking and acceleration to maintain a specified distance from vehicles ahead.

How to identify if your vehicle has Adaptive Cruise Control:

What is a 360 Surround View Camera?

What is a 360 Surround View Camera? A 360 Surround View Camera is a multiple view camera system used for parking that gives an overhead view of the vehicle’s surroundings.

How to identify a 360 Surround View Camera?

What are Adaptive Headlights?

Adaptive headlights are headlights that actively respond to changing conditions. Their goal is to provide drivers with better visibility and more time to react to conditions ahead.

How to identify if your vehicle has adaptive headlights?

What is Blind Spot Monitoring?

The blind spot monitoring system is a vehicle-based sensor device that detects and illuminates a symbol when other vehicles are located to the driver’s sides.

How to identify Blind Spot Detection:

What is Lane Assist / Departure Warning?

What is Lane Assist / Departure Warning? Lane Departure Warning monitors the road lane markings while driving and warns the driver when moving out of them. Lane Assist will intervene by steering the vehicle to stay in the lane.

How to identify Lane Assist / Departure Warning:

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