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Based on client feedback, we have created a business to eliminate the time it takes to book a qualified ADAS technician and the transportation of the ADAS equipped vehicle. Our primary action will be to offer a service that removes concerns of scheduling a turnaround process to complete a job. Our in-house team will collect the vehicle in question, and promptly have the car aligned, recalibrated and returned to the repairer location. In addition to this process, our billing system will be generated in real-time and delivered through to your central billing.

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Smart AVR assists companies and the community by delivering a service based on safety and assurance of a collaborative process to recalibrate semi-autonomous vehicles. Smart AVR strives to regulate and coordinate with teams outside your principality to eliminate stress from organising and facilitating the recalibration process. Smart AVR offers an organised platform, including collecting the Semi-Autonomous vehicle and returning it to the repairer recalibrated, wheel aligned, and ready to be safely driven.

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Our Services

Adaptive and Standard Headlight Alignment

We offer Standard & Adaptive Headlight Alignment

Adaptive headlights are headlights that actively respond to changing conditions. Their goal is to provide drivers with better visibility and more time to react to conditions ahead.

ADAS Calibration

We offer ADAS Calibrations

All work carried out on ADAS equipped vehicles are compliant with OEM procedures recommended by the vehicle’s manufacture.

Air Conditioning Repair & Regas

We offer Air Conditioning Repair & Regas

Regular maintenance of your car air conditioning system is important and may include getting an auto aircon regas to ensure that your aircon is performing correctly. Your car air conditioning unit is a sealed system that doesn’t require much maintenance. However, refrigerant gas can leak from the system gradually. As the amount of refrigerant gas in the car aircon decreases, the aircon won’t blow as cold. Smart AVR is a recognised centre for all your automotive air conditioning repairs and regas.

Auto Electrical Services & Repairs

We offer Auto Electrical Services & Repairs

Smart AVR auto electricians specialise in installing and maintaining electrical systems contained in all makes and models of automotive vehicles. At our Smart AVR centres, our qualified technicians install, inspect, repair, and maintain all the electrical parts contained in a vehicle. Our technicians also specialise in troubleshooting where and why a problem may occur.

Collection & Delivery Services

We offer Collection & Delivery Services

Smart AVR have their own in-house towing that coordinates the collection and delivery process when vehicles are booked and scheduled for repairs in-house.

Fault Code Diagnostics

We offer Fault Code Diagnostics

The Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) is an engine code stored in the OBD system. It can only be accessed by connecting a scan or diagnostic tool into the EOBD diagnostic socket and reading the DTC off the scanner's display.

Wheel Alignments

We offer Wheel Alignment

Following all OEM procedures, it is imperative that the vehicle is aligned to be within the specification of the recalibration process.

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