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Your ultimate partner for seamless ADAS recalibration, advanced diagnostics, and comprehensive automotive services. From streamlined booking to in-house towing, we handle it all. Our motivated team ensures every vehicle is repaired to manufacturer specifications, no matter the challenge. Trust Smart AVR for unrivaled efficiency and safety.

Smart AVR is your IAG Approved ADAS Recalibration Partner

At Smart AVR, we’re dedicated to providing IAG approved ADAS vehicle recalibration services that exceed expectations. Our partnership with panel shops ensures customers’ vehicles are restored to Manufacturer specifications and standards after bodywork or repairs, guaranteeing correct operation and safety features. Contact us today to learn more about our services or if we can get your workshop IAG approved for us to conduct mobile on-site calibration and repair

Streamlining Panel Repairs with Precision and Efficiency

We’ve revolutionised the panel repair experience based on invaluable client feedback. We take the hassle out of scheduling ADAS technician appointments and arranging vehicle transportation. Our core mission is to provide a seamless service that eliminates the need for turnaround delays. Our in-house team takes care of everything, from vehicle pickup to swift alignment and recalibration, and we return the car to your repairer location. Plus, our real-time billing system ensures a hassle-free, transparent experience.

ADAS Calibration

Precision calibration compliant with OEM recommendations for ADAS-equipped vehicles, ensuring safety and quality.

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Headlight Alignment

Expert alignment for both standard and adaptive headlights, enhancing visibility and road safety.

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Air Conditioning Repair & Regas

Maintenance and re-gassing for optimal car A/C performance

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Auto Electrical Services & Repairs

Comprehensive expertise in auto electrical systems, installation, inspection, repair, and troubleshooting.

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Collection and Delivery Services

In-house towing for seamless vehicle pickup and delivery, enhancing repair efficiency.

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Fault Code Diagnostics

Accurate diagnostic trouble code (DTC) analysis for efficient issue resolution and repair.

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ADAS & Systems

What is ADAS?

The Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) uses image processing cameras, radar, light detection and ranging, and other sensors to monitor vehicle surroundings and detect potentially dangerous situations.

The purpose is to increase safety through advanced situational awareness and reduce collision possibilities. Sensors used in ADAS include cameras, radars, lasers, and ultrasound. They can detect light, heat, pressure, and other variables used to monitor the state of a vehicle. Usually, they are in the front and rear bumpers, side mirrors, vehicle cab, and windshield glasses.

Any time work is carried out on or in the vicinity of an ADAS component, a calibration is required.

This includes Cameras, Radars, Lidars, Ultrasonic sensors like front windscreens with a camera for lane departure, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Automatic Parking, Lane Departure, Blind Spot Monitors.
This is to reset the parameters of the component to the manufacturer’s specification.


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