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We provide the ultimate convenience and service, Offering expert automotiove services, We are specialists in ADAS calibration, Advanced Vehicle Diagnosis and Repair. Our team tackles challenging jobs others avoid, ensuring precision and peace of mind. Experience the Smart AVR difference today, and eliminate the need for multiple suppliers with just one - us.

Our Story

With a heritage of over 25 years in automotive repair, Smart AVR has witnessed and embraced the revolutionary evolution in vehicle technology and the ADAS systems that have become standard in most vehicles on the road today. As vehicles have become more intelligent and connected, offering advanced driver assistance (ADAS) features like ultrasonic sensors, radars, and cameras, the vehicle repair landscape has transformed significantly.

Recognising the critical importance of precise calibration to meet manufacturer standards, we identified a substantial market gap. 

This realisation propelled us to elevate our expertise, undergo extensive training, and position ourselves as the go-to service for restoring vehicles to their original dealership condition.

Pioneering ADAS calibration and repair in Australia set us apart, enabling us to invest profoundly in cutting-edge tools for extensive coverage and service excellence. Our commitment to ongoing investments in specialised staff, continuous training, and strict adherence to industry standards underscores our dedication to delivering unmatched convenience and service to our valued customers.

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Smart AVR is proud to be IAG approved, demonstrating our commitment to meeting the highest standards in safety and quality. This approval sets us apart and gives our customers confidence in the reliability and professionalism of our services.

Expertise and Experience

Smart AVR is a trusted leader in ADAS recalibration, ensuring your vehicle's safety systems are recalibrated to manufacturer specifications. 

Cutting-Edge Technology

We use the latest technology and tools to provide precise recalibrations, guaranteeing optimal performance and safety for all vehicles.

Convenience and Flexibility

Whether you're a panel shop, insurance assessor, or retail customer, we offer a seamless booking, pickup and delivery service and in some cases onsite mobile services for your convenience, ensuring minimal disruption to your schedule.

Commitment to Safety

 Safety is our top priority. We are committed to ensuring that every recalibration we perform meets the highest safety standards, giving vehicle owners peace of mind on the road.

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Our services help you achieve  Precision, Safety, and Efficiency in Modern Vehicle Repairs

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Calibration/ReCalibrations

ADAS Calibration and Recalibration are crucial services in ensuring the optimal functioning of modern vehicles' safety systems. As vehicles become more advanced, with features like adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and automatic emergency braking, the need for accurate calibration becomes paramount. These systems rely on sensors, cameras, and radar units that must be precisely calibrated to work effectively.

The "1 degree rule" underscores the critical nature of calibration. Even a slight misalignment of these sensors, by just one degree, can result in significant inaccuracies in the vehicle's safety systems. This seemingly small misalignment can lead to false readings, incorrect interventions, and ultimately compromise the safety of the vehicle and its occupants. Regular calibration and recalibration ensure that these systems function as intended, providing drivers with reliable safety features that can make a difference in avoiding accidents and protecting lives.

At Smart AVR, we specialise in ADAS Calibration and Recalibration, utilising advanced technology and expert technicians to ensure the highest level of precision. Our commitment to safety drives us to adhere to the "1 degree rule" and go beyond, guaranteeing that every calibration is performed with meticulous attention to detail. Trust Smart AVR for accurate and reliable calibration services that prioritise your safety on the road.

Advanced Vehicle Fault Code Diagnostics

Advanced Vehicle Fault Code Diagnostics is a critical service in modern vehicle maintenance, allowing us to troubleshoot, identify, and diagnose issues with precision. Each vehicle is equipped with an On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) system that stores Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs), which are essentially engine codes indicating potential issues.

Accessing these codes requires connecting a scan or diagnostic tool to the EOBD diagnostic socket. Once connected, the tool reads the DTCs, providing us with valuable insights into the vehicle's health. Our expert technicians use this information to diagnose issues accurately and efficiently, ensuring that repairs are targeted and effective.

What sets us apart is our remote diagnostic capabilities, allowing us to diagnose and even re-code vehicles from a distance. This advanced technology enables us to provide timely and accurate solutions, minimising downtime and ensuring that your vehicle is back on the road safely. Trust Smart AVR for comprehensive and reliable Advanced Vehicle Fault Code Diagnostics that keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Adaptive and Standard Headlight Alignment

We provide a range of headlight alignment services, including standard and adaptive headlight alignment. Adaptive headlights are a cutting-edge technology that dynamically adjust to changing driving conditions, offering enhanced visibility and safety on the road.

Adaptive headlights actively respond to the vehicle's speed, steering angle, and elevation changes to illuminate the road ahead more effectively. This adaptive technology ensures that drivers have better visibility, especially on curved roads, providing them with more time to react to potential hazards.

Enhanced Safety, Enhanced Experience
By offering both standard and adaptive headlight alignment, we cater to the diverse needs of our customers. Whether you're looking for improved visibility or the latest in adaptive lighting technology, our expert technicians are here to ensure your headlights are aligned to perfection, enhancing both your safety and driving experience.

Auto Electrical Services & Repairs

Our auto electricians are dedicated to providing top-notch auto electrical services and repairs for all vehicle makes and models. Our qualified technicians specialise in installing, inspecting, repairing, and maintaining all electrical systems within a vehicle, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

Our technicians are experts in diagnosing and troubleshooting electrical issues, identifying the root cause and providing effective solutions. From installing new electrical components to repairing existing systems, our team is committed to delivering exceptional service and ensuring your vehicle's electrical systems are reliable and efficient.

Whether you need routine maintenance or complex electrical repairs, our skilled technicians have the expertise to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Trust Smart AVR for all your auto electrical needs, and experience the difference expertise makes in maintaining your vehicle's electrical systems.

Wheel Alignments

We offer professional wheel alignment services that adhere to all OEM procedures. Proper wheel alignment is crucial to ensure that your vehicle meets the specifications required for the recalibration process.

A Crucial Step for Calibration, Before any calibration, especially for specific systems, it is recommended and often necessary to perform a wheel alignment. This ensures that your vehicle's wheels are correctly aligned, providing the necessary foundation for accurate and effective recalibration of your vehicle's systems.

Our expert technicians use state-of-the-art equipment to perform wheel alignments with precision and accuracy. Trust Smart AVR for your wheel alignment needs, and drive with confidence knowing that your vehicle is aligned for peak performance.

Air Conditioning Repair & Regas

We offer comprehensive air conditioning degas, repair and regas services to ensure your car's air conditioning system operates at its best. Regular maintenance, including auto aircon regas, is vital to maintain peak performance.

Our expert technicians specialise in identifying and repairing leaks that may cause a decrease in refrigerant gas, ensuring your aircon blows cold air efficiently. Trust Smart AVR for all your automotive air conditioning needs, as we follow manufacturer guidelines to perform repairs and regas, keeping you cool and comfortable on the road.

Nationwide Service, Local Expertise

Smart AVR is dedicated to ensuring the safety of all road users. With strategically located workshop locations across Australia, with continued rapid expansion, we provide convenient access to our expert Diagnostic, Calibration and Mechanical services. From booking to repaired vehicle delivery, our streamlined processes guarantee a hassle-free experience. We prioritise safety, ensuring that all vehicles are in expert hands, using care as if they were our own. Our goal is to make the recalibration and repair process as smooth as possible, providing peace of mind for all our customers.

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Our Process


Streamlined Booking

Our easy-to-use booking system ensures that your job is scheduled promptly, getting you on the road to recalibration quickly and efficiently.


Vehicle Collection

Our in-house tow trucks and carriers ensure a safe and efficient process, transporting your vehicle to our workshop for calibration without further risk. This commitment to safety and service excellence defines our approach at Smart AVR.


Vehicle Pre-Scan

We conduct a thorough pre-scan of your vehicle to identify all ADAS-related issues, ensuring that nothing is overlooked during the recalibration process.


Calibration Process

Our highly skilled, certified staff recalibrate vehicles to within OEM parameters, adhering to exacting standards set out by manufacturers and IAG. This ensures precise results using cutting-edge tools and OE capabilities, guaranteeing your ADAS systems are as safe as when your vehicle was new.


Road Testing

After calibration, we conduct extensive road tests to ensure that the recalibration is accurate and that all ADAS systems are functioning as expected.


Report and Delivery

Finally, we provide a detailed calibration report and certificate when delivering your vehicle back to you, ensuring complete transparency and peace of mind.

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