Introduction to Smart AVR

Smart AVR (Autonomous Vehicle Recalibrations) is a pioneering leader in the automotive repair industry, offering a comprehensive one-stop-shop experience for panel repair and insurance customers. Founded by industry veterans with decades of collective experience, Smart AVR has developed and implemented a unique set of principles tailored to the Australian and New Zealand markets.

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Our Story

Driven by a vision to meet the fundamental needs of vehicles and ensure customer safety, Smart AVR has extensively tested and adapted its principles from global best practices. We are confident in our ability to calibrate between 95 - 99% of the domestic car park, thanks to our leading-edge knowledge, highly skilled staff (many of whom are ex-dealership Master Technicians), and commitment to providing panel shops with unmatched convenience and customer service.

Michael (Mick) Thompson, one of the Founding Directors of Smart AVR, boasts over 25 years of experience in the automotive repair industry, with a strong background in automotive glass repairs and replacement. Witnessing the evolution of repairs and the introduction of ADAS components in modern vehicles, Mick recognised a significant gap in the market for safe and efficient recalibration. In 2018, when the need for calibrations in the Australian domestic market was still emerging, Mick conducted extensive research, engaged in discussions with vehicle manufacturers, and delved into OEM books to understand the complexities of ADAS components.

Founded on the Gold Coast, Smart AVR's first workshop in Nerang quickly outgrew its space, leading to a relocation to a larger workshop across the highway. This new workshop is equipped with specialist tools and provides a controlled environment with correct lighting and level floor slab, meeting OEM requirements for accurate calibrations. As the number of vehicles with ADAS componentry continues to rise, Smart AVR remains at the forefront of the recalibration industry, offering best practices, expertise, and unparalleled customer service and convenience to panel shops and insurers. In 2023 IAG has approved Smart AVR as one of the only approved ADAS Repair and Recalibration companies in Australia and the only company nationally to be able to offer select recalibrations on-site (*Pending panel workshop inspection and approval with guidelines set by both IAG and Smart AVR - ensuring all calibrations completed by SMart AVR either in one of our workshops or on-site at your panel shop meet or exceed industry standards/best-practice)

Smart AVR's success has resulted in rapid expansion to the east coast of Australia. The company's first interstate shop opened in Vermont, Melbourne Victoria, followed by shops in Rocklea, Brisbane Queensland; Prestons, Sydney New South Wales; and Hume, Canberra ACT. With further expansion plans in the pipeline, Smart AVR is poised to continue its growth and leadership in the recalibration industry.

Our Values


Safety is a top priority at Smart AVR. We ensure that all our services are performed correctly and safely by conducting thorough inspections, following OEM procedures, and confirming all calibrations. Your safety and the safety of your vehicle are paramount to us.


We prioritise your convenience by offering in-house towing, vehicle pick-up/drop-off, and onsite services, making the repair process as hassle-free as possible for you. 


We tackle tricky jobs that others might not touch, dedicating the time and effort needed to solve complex issues and provide the best solutions for your vehicle.

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