The Importance of ADAS Calibrations for Vehicle Safety

AUDI q7 - FRONT Radar Calibrations

At Smart AVR, we understand that accurate calibration of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) is crucial for vehicle safety and performance. In this case study, we illustrate the importance of precise calibration through a recent project involving an Audi Q7, repaired by a local panel shop.

Initial Diagnostics & Pre-Scan Analysis

Our technician, Tomasz, initiated the process with a thorough pre-scan of the Audi Q7. The pre-scan identified several system fault codes indicating abnormalities in various safety and driver assistance systems. 

Audi Q7 Left hand Front Radar Module (Behind Front Bumper) Smart AVR is performing static ADAS claibration on this module

On-Site Calibration Setup

Tomasz set up our ADAS mobile calibration unit directly at a local panel shop. This on-site setup ensures seamless integration with the repair process and minimises downtime for our clients.

Static Calibration of Front Radars

During the calibration, Tomasz discovered significant misalignments in the front radars:

  1. Front Left Radar: Misaligned by approximately 5cm at a 1.2m distance.
  2. Front Right Radar: Misaligned by approximately 3cm in the opposite direction.

Although these misalignments might seem minor, they have substantial implications when considering the distances and speeds at which these radars operate.

There are three radar ranges: Short Range (0.5–20 meters) for close proximity, Medium Range (1–60 meters) for medium distances, and Long Range (10–250 meters) for highways and high traffic areas.

Using trigonometry, we can extrapolate based on the misalignment and distance present that:

  • At a 50m distance, a 5cm misalignment would result in the vehicle detecting 2.08m off to the left.
  • At a 100m distance, this misalignment could cause a detection error of 4.17m.

This level of error could severely impact the vehicle's ability to accurately perceive and respond to its environment, particularly at high speeds (up to 250 km/h).

Smart AVR - Smartsafe Launch ADAS Tablet - Calibrating Car's ADAS System

Alignment and Post-Scan

Tomasz meticulously aligned and calibrated both front radars. A post-scan confirmed that all previously identified fault codes were cleared, and the ADAS diagnostic results indicated a successful calibration.

After the successful calibration, Tomasz prepared a technician report. This report, along with pre and post-scan data, was provided to the panel shop and then onto the vehicle’s owner. Our detailed documentation ensures transparency and helps our clients understand the critical steps taken to ensure vehicle safety.

Smart AVR's commitment to precision and safety ensures that vehicles leave the workshop in optimal condition. By partnering with us, this particular panel shop benefited from our mobile service and expertise in ADAS calibration, allowing them to deliver a fully repaired and calibrated Audi Q7 without any additional effort on their part.

At Smart AVR, we pride ourselves on being the ultimate partner for ADAS calibration, ensuring every vehicle is road-ready and safe for its journey ahead.

For more information on our services and how we can support your ADAS calibration needs contact us.

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