Double Invisible ADAS Trouble

Two Mitsubishi tritons - Blind Spot Radar Calibrations

Smart AVR tackled a unique challenge involving two separate Mitsubishi Triton’s (2020 & 2021) both requiring blind spot/rear recalibration after new rear bars were fitted. Despite both not showing any warning lights, indicating no apparent issues, our usual pre-inspections uncovered a crucial detail: the bracket that holds the Blind Spot radar was only very slightly twisted.

This minor misalignment likely occurred during the relocation of the outside clip, which secures the bar cover to the bracket on the bar. To address this, The rear bar and radar assembly was removed and refitted at this point, so we were then able to straighten and align the radar allowing us to perform the correct radar alignment. Once the calibration procedure showed the correct degree of alignment we were able to remove the bar again and refit the bar cover before the refit of the bar/radar and cover all together.

Following this, we performed the recalibration procedure, ensuring all measurements were aligned with OE specifications. A comprehensive road test confirmed the successful recalibration, validating the system's flawless operation.

This case highlights the significance of blind spot radar recalibration, even in the absence of radar replacement or removal. It is crucial to note that the absence of warning lights on the instrument panel does not guarantee flawless functionality. Vehicle manufacturers emphasise the need for calibration following any impact near a radar unit to maintain proper alignment.

In today's driving environment, where safety features such as blind spot monitoring systems are increasingly relied upon, regular calibration checks are crucial. Younger drivers, who are accustomed to these safety aids, may inadvertently overlook physical blind spot checks. As highlighted by a driving instructor, the failure rate among learner drivers in physically checking blind spots during lane changes is concerning, potentially due to over-reliance on blind spot monitoring systems.

At Smart AVR, we prioritise safety and accuracy in our calibration procedures, ensuring that every vehicle leaves our workshop with its safety systems functioning flawlessly.

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